What is Cost Per Lead Advertising?

Cost Per Lead Advertising (CPL) is a form of performance-based advertising and is common in affiliate marketing. In this payment method, the Advertiser only pays the Affiliate (also referred to as a Publisher or Lead Seller) for the leads generated by the ads. CPL is based on the consumer completing a form (such as subscribing to an email newsletter). CPL has a lower financial risk for the Advertiser, compared with CPM (Cost per Thousand impressions) and CPC (Cost Per Click) where the Advertiser still pays even though there may be no tangible results from their advertising dollars.

Affiliates typically prefer using hosted lead generation for their CPL advertising. Hosted Lead Generation is the practice where an Advertiser collects Internet Leads by allowing Affiliates to host the Advertiser’s web form. The lead data collected is then transmitted to the Advertiser via some method of Internet Lead Delivery.

Managing CPL advertising can be an overwhelming process. Luckily, there are lead management platforms that facilitate the handling of Internet leads generated from CPL advertising. The industry standard for managing Internet leads is a service called LeadConduit that is provided by the folks over at ActiveProspect.